The 2015 election  campaign in the Nigerian Federation have started in earnest as political parties, candidates and the apex electoral umpire INEC have started out early preparations to correct the anomaly of fire brigade approach to elections in Nigeria. Nevertheless the Apex body INEC has announced that they will soon begin upgrading the voters registers and perhaps introduces electronic voting in to the schemes of things in Nigeria.
The great success of the Edo gubernatorial polls of 2012 adjudged by historians and observers as the best election in Nigerian history was achieve by early preparation and carrying all the contenders, security operatives, observers, agents and the voters along in numerous lectures, campaigns, debates, awareness addressed to achieved the great success whose credit goes to the Edo peoples, INEC, the contenders, the political parties, the Ruling PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan. Congratulations.
This as an eye opener to INEC and major stakeholders in the Nigeria project who have set the Edo Guber polls of 2012 as the benchmark in terms of standards which translates to early preparations, planning, logistics and setting up of campaigns and war chest by the various political parties as well as by contenders.
Though a number of peoples including President Goodluck Jonathan sees 2015 as very far away .3 years from now and prefer to concentrate on the aspects of Nation building but nevertheless tacitly as usual eying 2015.
It all started about 4 weeks ago when Former President Obasanjo endorse the candidacy of the Jigawa state Governor H.E. Sule Lamido and the River State Governor Rotimi Ameachi  the Chairman of Governors Forum to run for the 2015 Presidential elections. This drew lots of criticism from the polity but the sage insisted that power should shift to the North by 2015 as a repeat of political settlement reached in the June 12 debacle.
IBB on his 71 birthday last month announced his retirement from partisan politics, Later on his visit to Jigawa State shortly supported OBJ observing that the Governor of Jigawa is doing well in transforming Jigawa state comparing him to the miracles Governor Oshiomole is doing in Edo perhaps subtly announcing the candidature of the duo of Lamido/ Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in 2015 as Edo state has a penchant of producing great vice presidents as in Late Gen Aikhomu, Gen Okhai Akhigbe, etc

But a contrary view came shortly afterward when the President of the Nigerian Federation in his visit to Anambra state the following week were Governor Peter Obi announced to the whole world the endorsement of President Goodluck Jonathan for 2015 hinging his premise on the fact that each zone have a right to a second term and that nobody should harried the amiably intellectual president out of office in a hurry. He announce the endorsement of President Goodluck Jonathan by the entire peoples of South Eastern Zone whose dominant Ruling party APGA endorsed Jonathan in 2011 polls by not fielding a presidential candidate.
The Chairman of PDP Alhaji Bamanga Tukur immediately made a clarion call to all members of the party that 2015 general election will be based on performance and that their will be no automatic ticket to any candidate and this was warmly received in the polity which is addressed to encourage statesmen and Executives to work hard on service delivery as a receipt for a second term in 2015. Subsequently the PDP set up a working committee to begin in earnest and early to work toward the party success in 2015. President Jonathan kicked off this campaign on his visit to Osun state where he noted that his party will win the entire south west come 2015,
The progressives under the banner of ACN of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Gen Mohammadu Buhari as well as Gen Paul Omu of ANPP have started subtly to campaign for 2015. Earlier there had been rumors of a merger between ACN and CPC were CPC was expected to collapse in to ACN but then the indication are becoming clearer that perhaps it may be  a working alliance that will be possible between the two or three political parties as there are likely to be differences on who mount the presidential platform.

It is not likely that ACN would accept to play a second fiddle in an alliance were they are bringing in the majority of over five states in Nigeria plus Senators, Representatives and virtually a giant structure into an alliance to play second fiddle to any other party. But time will tell. In this contest political analyst are watchful that perhaps we shall likely see the emergence of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu as a presidential candidate of the ACN,As Asiwaju Bola Tinubu launched an offensive in shoving up his political status both locally and abroad by launching his book in the United state and been invited to attend the Obama democratic Party convention in the United states...and becoming the Chancellor of Ladoke Akintola University... All these are pointers that he would not be doing all these strategic moves to settle for a vice presidential candidacy.
Three weeks ago, General Mohammadu Buhari went to Kano to officially open and rejig his campaign office and nationally he has subtly began to appear as interested in the 2015 polls as he lashed out criticism on the ruling PDP which made many stalwarts of the PDP ill at ease thinking perhaps Gen Buhari was slowing down due to age. But that does not seem to be the case as the new friendship between Malam El Rufai and Gen Buhari blossomed many pundits began to read that perhaps the general was grooming a presidential protégé and replacement, but we shall soon see the whole picture with time .but just today there was rumors that the four political parties of CPC, ACN, DPP and ANPP have set up working committees to unite together under one solid party to wrestle power from PDP come year 2015 general elections.
Under the leadership of Chief Olu Falae a surprise may be coming up if all goes well as the great sage who was the former finance Minster of the Nigeria Federation as well as a former Secretary of the Nigerian Federation, twice presidential candidate and currently the leader of AFENIFERE the Pan Yoruba umbrella union of more than 80 million Yoruba Nation and second largest in Africa, would certainly be a person to beat in the next general elections of 2015.
The great sage is out to leave a lasting legacy in the annals of Nigerian History by producing the next President of the Nigerian federation in alliance with other political parties. Among the great parties that would likely unite with the great sage include the National Reformation Party of Chief Antony Enahoro, and talks are going on at such a possibility of a working arrangement. Also the Accord party of Chief Rasheed Ladoja, the PPP of Chief Gbanga Daniels, as well as the Labour Party of Comrade Mimiko the Executive governor of Ondo state a great formidable party can be built on this structure that would be difficult to beat.
 Prince Frank Ukonga the governorship candidate of SDMP in the just concluded Edo elections of 2012 has been endorsed by many enthusiasts and admirers for the 2015 presidential elections. ukonga contested the senate of Edo North in 2011 general elections as well as the 2012 governorship election of Edo state where he went into the battle field with gladiators like Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, General Charles Airhiavbere, Chief Solomon Edbiri and oil and gas magnate, Chief Roland Izabuwa of CPC ,Mr Paul Orumwese of NCP and others in the election of Edo state governorship that is adjudged by historians and observers as the best election in the entire history of Nigeria and Africa in it decorum , maturity, intellectuality, behavior, peaceful, debate oriented, polished and every good thing you can imagine about a good perfect universal adult suffrage..Prince Frank Ukonga hopes to bring this experience to other contenders in the 2015 presidential polls so that history of best polls can repeat itself again in the 2015 general polls.
 Among those who endorse Prince Frank Ukonga for President includes the OHIKU EBIRA and Ebira Voyan the major Umbrella union of the entire peoples of more than 50 million Ebira peoples scattered in more than 10 states of Nigeria and in Diaspora in our near and far abroad. This is a very significant number of peoples as the Race is the 4 th largest Nation in Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa and have never contested the Presidential Race in the entire history of the EBIRA peoples , so they have endorsed Prince Frank Ukonga to represent the Ebira Nation worldwide in the 2015 Presidential Race.
 Also the Ossoso youth forum, the Edo youth forum , students and market women , artisans, professional and youth of other states are rooting to bet on the candidacy of Prince Frank Ukonga as a symbol of generational paradigm shift of power to the young breed.
The leadership of the National Reformation Party are likely to endorse  Prince Frank Ukonga as they offered Prince Ukonga the Presidential ticket in 2011 presidential polls but due to the demise of the founder of the party during the campaign period in 2011 and to honor the leader Prince Frank Ukonga was advised to wait until 2015 general elections, addressed to lead the Region of the Mid West in to the schemes of things as the Mid West have never produced a President of the Nigerian Federation since 1960 and yet the motion of independence was moved in 1959 by chief Anthony Enahoro from the mid West Region. So Prince Frank Ukonga is likely to lead a coalition of political parties perhaps with the endorsement of his SDMP in to the battle Arena come 2015.
Reports reaching National Peoples News indicates that the former Vice President of the Nigerian Federation Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is also in the Race of the 2015 general elections as just today the 17 th of September it was gathered that the campaign office of the great former vice president has started renovation and getting set for the long journey to 2015.
Earlier H,E, Atiku Abubakar speaking through his media assistance have indicated doubt about his candidacy perhaps hinged on the aspects that 2015 is still very far away but due perhaps to the early preparations of other political parties and gladiators it would be fool hardy to fold his hands and watch other contenders take over the whole polity and when you finally decides to run the electorate would tell you that you arrived too late as some other peoples have endorsed their support, This is were the patient dog syndrome eats not bone if you are left behind and it is obvious in politics where horse trading and early outing is interpreted as seriousness.
The PDM where Atiku used to be the leader of that pressure group of the great former vice president of Nigeria Gen, Musa Yar Adua held its convention recently in the Yar Adua centre and it is not obvious yet who se camp they are working with. But with time it will become more obvious.
Atiku is a member of the PDP party and contested the 2011 primaries under the PDP umbrella. It is not clear if he intend to do the same this time around but the zoning formula of the PDP were the chairman of PDP Alhaji Bamanga Tukur is from his zone may appear obfuscating as to weather he would be able to emerge as the preferred Presidential candidate of the party come 2015.But then politics entails a lot of horse trading and 2015 is still three years away from now, so a lot can happen

Says: It’s Igbo presidency in 2015 or nothing
On September 10, 2012 pasted in the face book site of H.E. Orji Uzor Kalu that in 2015 its Igbo Presidency or nothing. H.E Chief Orji uzor Kalu was the two times governor of Abia States and the leader and founder of the PPA party that has produced two governors in Anambra as well as in Imo but the flag bearers went back to the parent party PDP after winning elections with the PPA platform due mainly to horse trading and internal restiveness within the rank and file of PPA.
In his widely publicized interview recently Chief Orji Uzor Kalu spoke from his Maryland palatial mansion indicating interest in the 2015 general elections and political observers interprets some of his comments as coming back soon to rejig the PPA and use it as a platform to contest the 2015 general elections.
Though he romanced with the PDP his primary constituency which he dumped to establish the PPA , He later went back to PDP and was welcomed and warmly received back in to the fold of his former party mates, but soon he left again this time the leaders of PPA the party he formed and bankrolled became ill at ease with his methods ,saying that the PPA was not just any party one came leave and come back at his or her own whims and caprices. These feuds lingered on for a time until the 2011 general polls where Chief Orji Uzor Kalu contested the senate of Abia state and lost out to another candidate. He did not contest this loss in the tribunal nor in the law court. Now he is coming back playing the ethnic tribal joker which occasionally could be able to mobilize a sizable population of the peoples of Ndigbo extractions to his fold, otherwise H.E. Orji Uzor Kalu need to reinvent himself and his political machinery if he is to be relevant in 2015 presidential polls.
A number of people are feeling that Dr Aliyu Babangida of PDP , the executive Governor of Niger State and perhaps H.E.Yuguda whose governorship terms expires at the end of 2015 should be given a chance to lead the PDP into the general elections as presidential flag bearers . These set of views holds it passionately that nobody should dictate to the North as in the endorsement of Lamido/Ameachi candidacy, but be allowed to evolve through democratic means if the North is to produce the next President of the Nigerian federation.

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